Do you have a beach escape coming up? Talk to Phillip Bruce Hair Salon!

beach escape hair style

Want the best beach escape hair style money can buy? Talk to Phillip Bruce Hair Salon about getting a new, sunkissed and carefree look for your vacation. We at Phillip Bruce Salon can help you spend more time on the beach looking like a million bucks! Because no one wants to spend their vacation hiding under a hat when you can feel and look carefree without one.

Call for an appointment and talk to any one of our fine colorists about your hair color today. Try something new or stay with the color you already have looking vibrant and healthy again. Hair color technology has come a long way but no one knows more about hair color, hair damage, hair products, and hair in general that our experts. Stay tuned for videos and photos from our colorists as they explain the reasons that they work the way the do to assure our customers the very best results.

Beach Escape Hair Style vs. Chlorine

Oh, and be sure to ask us about chlorine and the best way to deal with pool and spa vacations where chlorine is everywhere. We know it is necessary to keep bacteria out of the water but now there are products that can help prevent the frizz and color fade that comes with the territory.

Or if you don’t have time, just pick up a few of our products. They are all carefully chosen by our experts and we have something perfect for all kinds of hair problems and environmental enemies like chlorine or too much sun.

And for looking your best on those romantic, moonlit nights by the sea…

Here is a list of our products…



Phyto Nioxen


Marcia Teixeira

La Brasiliana

It’s A Ten

Color WOW

Style Edit

So call Marie for your appointment, come on in for a nice, long visit. We will fix you up and send you off with our best wishes for a wonderful beach escape in the sun!