Hip, architecturally inspiring and so friendly you’ll feel like you’ve been coming here for years! We strive to discover your desires with a passion for every detail whether you’re a man, woman, teenager or child.

At Phillip Bruce our clients sometimes know exactly what they want; a Meg Ryan, a Jennifer Aniston, a George Clooney or a two-tone vanilla and chocolate bob from a Versace runway show, Ooh la la! Almost everyone who walks through our doors wants at least a little MAGIC; just coming to our eclectic salon will be a memorable experience.

Bruce Chapman

Salon Owner/Color Director/Master Colorist
Bruce Chapman began his career as a designer and has always brought his exuberant personality and unique eye for style to his work. He is a person who views the world not as it is, but as it should be. As a consummate colorist, Bruce has the uncanny gift of knowing what the clients want before they themselves know what they want. He is as skilled a listener as he is a conversationalist, bringing to his artistry a sense of intimate knowledge of his subjects and, inevitably, a recipe for success.

Phillip Addario

Salon Owner/Style Director/Master Stylist
Phillip has been seized by the passion of hairdressing since he was a teenager. Phillip approaches his work in the same way a fashion designer might set about creating a new piece of clothing– matching fabric shape with body type– only in his case, body type is replaced by face shape. The basis for his success is in his ability to look at each client and get an intuitive sense of who the person is– what defines him or her– and capture that essence with a distinctive style. And, as a perfectionist, he won’t stop until he’s achieved perfection. In Phillip’s eyes– every head is a potential canvas for, not only a work of art, but an accentuation of life.

Ernie Addario, Salon Director/Owner/Master Stylist
An integral member of The Phillip Bruce Salon since its opening twenty years ago, Ernie continues to perfect his precision cutting and styling. An innovator in his profession, Ernie created a groundbreaking technique for building texture, volume and weight while encouraging or discouraging waves and curls in his cuts. His method has been taught, adapted and utilized throughout New England and his award winning styling and warm personality continue to attract an A-list clientele. Never content to rest on his laurels, Ernie has continued to grow and develop in his craft by pursuing private tutoring with some of the country’s top stylists. His passion for continuing education in the profession permeates The Phillip Bruce Salon.

Paul Addario, Salon Director/Colorist/”Human Resources”
Creativity is central to Paul’s life. Painting, sculpting and drawing are a few of his passions and the ever-changing and evolving nature of his profession allows him to indulge that creativity in the Salon. A graduate of the Galmar Academy in North Haven fourteen years ago, Paul has attended several advanced color-training courses by industry giants Nioxin, Wella, Redken, Phyto, Sebastion and Milbon. In addition, he likes to keep fresh with yearly Seasonal Trends Courses. His confidence, willingness to think outside the box, professionalism and ability to really listen, keep his clients coming back. Growing up in the Salon since the age two, Paul credits the playful, family environment at Phillip Bruce with keeping both staff and clients happy.

Frank Porco, Senior Stylist
For twenty years, Frank has found the friendly atmosphere coupled with the high-level work at The Phillip Bruce Salon, to be a source of pride and enjoyment. Always professional and well-informed, he enjoys doing what he has done so successfully throughout his career – first during ten years at Vidal Sassoon in New York and now at Phillip Bruce – consistently providing precise and specialized cuts and styling to his clients.

Dorothy Addario, Master Stylist
Dorothy hasn’t let thirty years of experience dampen her enthusiasm for keeping current and learning the latest techniques in hairstyling. Easy-going and fun, the relaxed atmosphere at The Phillip Bruce Salon makes Dorothy happy, but it’s the Salon’s adherence to exceptional professional standards that makes her proud. A superb cut is Dorothy’s specialty as are chemical processes including permanents and relaxers.

Caroline Kronkaitis, Master Stylist
Transformation is important to Caroline. For more than thirty years, she has helped clients transform themselves to look and feel their best. She credits the Phillip BruceSalon’s amazing work environment for bringing out the best in their stylists and clients. A great listener, Caroline helps clients find the look that’s right for them. In addition to styling, Caroline is certified in hair extensions and is accomplished in hair straitening, up dos and expert wig fitting and styling.

Annette DeCarlo, Master Colorist
Annette describes her thirty years at The Phillip Bruce Salon as blissful. The colorists and stylists share a unique bond and really enjoy their environment and clients benefit from it. Outgoing and chatty by nature, Annette’s first priority is always her clients’ comfort and satisfaction. She still finds making them happy with the way they look to be the most rewarding part of her job. She credits her two college-aged daughters for keeping her current. Annette specializes in all color services and processes.

Marie (Dolly) Camacho, Colorist
Dolly’s consistency and customer service have kept her very busy at The Phillip Bruce Salon during her twenty-five years as an expert colorist. She loves it that way and wouldn’t change a thing. Friends and coworkers claim that her greatest flaw is not being able to say “no” when it comes to keeping her clients happy. She is an expert in all aspects of coloring including highlighting.

Melissa Fragoli, Stylist and Makeup Artist
With more than ten years of experience in the industry, Melissa credits the warm, family atmosphere at The Phillip Bruce Salon and her commitment to making sure each person leaves her chair looking and feeling their best, for keeping clients happy. A self- described perfectionist, she treats each client as she would herself. Her specialty is Brazilian Keratin Treatments.

Luisa Kazaferi, Master Stylist
With almost thirty years of experience, fifteen alone at the Phillip Bruce Salon, Luisa still enjoys everything about being a stylist. She loves to have fun and finds it each day at Phillip Bruce. Precision haircutting still provides challenges and excitement and meeting new people in the upbeat and energetic environment at Phillip Bruce still makes her incredibly happy.

Marie LaTorre, Receptionist/Customer Service
Marie has welcomed customers to The Phillip Bruce Salon for more than twenty years and she treats her clients and coworkers like family. The “magnificent and awesome” atmosphere of the Salon creates deep friendships among the staff and the clients they serve. Outgoing and friendly, she makes it her business to accommodate clients and makes each one feel special. She loves working in the world of beauty and fashion and is positive that it keeps people feeling young and looking great.

Dana Lopez

Crystal Moreno